Training Video

This is a sample of a series of training videos I cut for a top pharmaceutical company. The audience is salespersons who are rolling out a new product that is used to treath a very tough-to-discuss health issue. 


NPower Promotional - Promotional

I directed and edited this simple but effective 5-minute piece for the Salak Group promoting the NPower technology training program. NPower is a fantastic organization that offers outstanding IT training to underserved populations in the New York-Metro area. All of the footage was taken at a recent graduation ceremony.

It is nothing flashy and won't win us any awards, but it demonstrates how a modest budget can be turned into a good video with a solid plan. Thanks for the opportunity John. 


The Edge - Business to Business Promo

The Edge, manufacturers of the jewelry industry's top software system, commissioned my team to develop a series of typographically rich marketing videos that they have recently begun to roll out. Mike Allen assisted in developing the clean graphic look of this piece. 


U.S. Post Office - Wachovia

One of the 14 B2B mini-videos that I co-produced and edited for Teletime Productions for the U.S. Post Office.