Masters of Groove ("The Okie Dokie" video)

I directed and edited this behind-the scene shoot of the Masters of Groove recording of "The Okie Dokie" for their Godfathers of Groove session. You've got the immortal Reuben Wilson (organ), the great Bernard Purdie (drums), the solid Jerry Jemmott (bass) and the lyrical Grant Green Jr. (guitar) doing some serious work.


Fokiss: "The Long Road" (Music Video) 

Matt Suroff of S & A Associates directed and I edited "The Long Road" (2009) music vid for the artist, Fokiss (produced by Shaka).


Pulling Out All The Stops - Mike LeDonne

This is a clip from an unfinished one-off about the great soul-style organists. The organist in the segment is Mike LeDonne, one of the best around. We are seeking funding to complete.